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Kuroyuri Hyutte is a high mountain hut based in Northern Yatsugatake Mountains and opened all year.
Yatsugatake Range is in Nagano prefecture, the one where Olympics were held in 1998, and you can admire Mount Fuji from those peaks.
Kuroyuri Hyutte elevation is about 2,400 meters. This lodge is famous for its surrounding beginner friendly winter trails.Every year, many hikers visit these mountains.
Come and stay in Kuroyuri Hyutte to experience various routes, from trekking to even high level ones, for pleasure and, or practice.

kuroyuri hyutte

'Kuroyuri' means "Black Lily", wildflowers.
Kuroyuri Hyutte is in the quasi-National Park. As in all national parks, rules forbid picking flowers or interfering with the wildlife.

Hut Information

  • Opened all year
  • One night and two meals 11,000 yen -
  • One night and 1 meal(only night meal) 9,500 yen -
  • without meals 7,000 yen -
  • personal room use 2,000 yen add (1 person) -
  • Winter season additional
  • The regular large room has a capacity of 60 persons,
    men and women use the same room.
  • Private rooms available (at extra cost)
  • Credit cards are NOT accepted
  • Hut Cell-phone number for reservation +81-90-2533-0620
  • Phone & FAX number +81-266-72-3613
  • No bath. Clean biotoilet
  • Contact form

Light Meal Menu

  • Beef stew set with Rice 1,200 yen-
  • Curry with rice 800 yen-
  • Different kinds of Japanese noodles:
    Ramen, udon, soba 700 yen- each.
  • cake set (with coffee or tea) 800 yen-
  • coffee 450 yen-, etc.
  • We also have beer and wine.
You need to wear appropriate clothes depending on the season and the weather. Also, there is climber’s renting equipment available at the hut.
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Map and Direction

From Tokyo to the Climbing starting point in Nagano prefecture, Chino city, you can choose between two starting points in that area to Kuroyuri Hyutte: Shibunoyu or Karasawa Kousen.

Transportation Information

By train
Tokyo a limited express "Azusa", "super Azusa".
Take the train JR Chuo Line, at Shinjuku-station.
It takes 2 and a half hour from Tokyo to Chino.
Chino Station You can go from "Shibunoyu" by bus or taxi.
Bus stop number is "1".
(No bus for "Karasawakousen".)


Karasawa- kousen

It takes 40 minutes from Chino Station by car, to the climbing starting point "Shibunoyu" or "Karasawakousen".


From Tokyo to “Shibunoyu” or Karasawakousen" ,
it’s about 200km.

By Car
Tokyo Take the Chuo expressway, from Tokyo to Suwa Interchange.
It takes approximately 3 hours from Tokyo to Suwa IC.
Suwa IC



It takes about 1 hour from Suwa IC to the Climbing starting point "Shibunoyu" or "Karasawakousen".

How to get to the climbing starting points

To "Shibunoyu" point

There is a municipal management parking lot (charge fee), and a Ryokan (Japanese style hotel) with a Onsen (Japanese hot spring) called "Shibugotenyu", at that starting point. Admission fee for the bath only is available.

To "Karasawa Kousen" point

There is no public transportation available. Accessible only by taxi or car.There is a Chino city management parking lot (free).
There's a Ryokan with Onsen of the same name "Karasawa Kousen". Bath admission only is available.

Karasawa Kousen hotel is closed during winter. There is no snow removing service on that road during winter, so no access possible during winter.


General Information in "Yatsugatake"

Information on Yatsugatake around the Kuroyuri Hyutte.
Yatsugatake is located in the center of Japan. The range formation results from heavy continuous activities of a huge zone, like the one called Fossa Magna crossing under the Japan island, which ended by dividing it into the western and the eastern Japan.

Yatsugatake Alpine Plants

You can observe different plants depending on the season.
Low zone (under 1,500m altitude) ― Akamatsu (Japanese Red Pine – Pinus densiflora), Karamatsu (Japanese Larch – Larix kaempferi, Shirakaba (White Birch – Betula platyphylla), Kikyou(Balloon flower – Platydodon grandifloras), Genno-Shouko (Geranium thunbergii), Ominaeshi(Patrinia scabiosifolia)
Middle zone (between 1,500m and 2,500m) ― Shirabiso (Veitch’s fir – Abies veitchii), Dakekanba (Erman’s Birch – Betula ermanii), Kokemomo (cowberry/ lingonberry – Vaccinium vitis-idaea), Gozen-Tachibana (Canadian bunchberry – Cornus canadense), Iwakagami(Schizocodon soldanelloides).

Kuroyuri Hyutte

Altitude 2,400m

East Tengudake Altitude 2,640m
West Tengudake

Altitude 2,646m

Start Point

Shibunoyu or

Altitude 1,880m

Altitude 1,870m




High Lakes

There are several lakes around Yatsugatake. For example, Suribachi-ike found near Tengu-dake is said to be mysterious as the water disappears in summer time. You can watch a different plant by the four seasons. Shirakoma-no-ike is the largest high lake in Japan.


  • On foot
    • Start point  ---  2 hours 30 mn   ---  Kuroyuri Hyutte
    • Kuroyuri Hyutte  ---  1 hour 25mn   ---  East Tengudake
    • East Tengudake  ---  20mn  ---  West Tengudake


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